I have been baking chocolate chip cookies with my mom ever since I can remember.  I knew if I heard the mixer, mom was making cookies...and I would run to the kitchen!  Mom would encourage us kids to help her make the cookies.  I remember licking the sugary beaters and sneaking bites of cookie dough.  Making those cookies with my mom was the foundation for my love of baking. 

As I became an adult and began my own family, I continued making my mom's secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Whether it was for a family function, work event, or school social, I began to tweak the recipe and make it my own. When I would arrive to a function with cookies, I wasn't sure if people were more excited to see me or my cookies!  And if I happened to show up without cookies, people would definitely voice their disappointment.  People would always tell me how much they loved my cookies and that I should sell them. 

One day while making cookies for my cousins' lake house, it finally clicked...yes, I need to sell these cookies.  From that day forward, I had a burning passion to start my cookie business.  But first things first, I had to ask my mom her permission because her recipe was the foundation of my own.  Not only did she give her blessing but I also received overwhelming support from my dad, my husband, and all my family and friends.  By divine intervention and the help of a whole lot of friends and family, the pieces of Sandy's Cookies fell into place.